Will Fitzhugh – Letter of Support

Will Fitzhugh [founder] The Concord Review [1987]
I am glad the Haberman International Policy Institute in Education has committed itself to a conference to consider what it will take to get our students ready for the demands of life in 2025, when the ones now being born will be 19 years old. I hope, as the conference speakers consider the future, they will notcompletely neglect the lessons of the past in education.

Dionysius of Halicarnassus quoted Thucydides when he said: “History is Philosophy, Teaching by Examples.”In their consideration of the demands on the educated person in 2025, I am sure they will benefit by examples from the past.

Will Fitzhugh [founder]
The Concord Review [1987]
Ralph Waldo Emerson Prizes [1995]
National Writing Board [1998]
TCR Institute [2002]
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