The Haberman International Policy Institute in Education (HIPIE) is reaching out to corporate America

Board of Advisors

Anthony Catanese
President Florida Institute of Technology

Ricardo Fernandez, President Lehman College

Charles E.M. Kolb, President Committee for Econ. Development

Leo Klagholz Former Education Commissioner, NJ

Jimmy Kilpatrick

Mike McKibbin
California Teacher Credentialing

Carl Patton, President
Georgia State Uni.

George E. Uhlig
Former Dean, COE,
Univ. of South Alabama

Michael Wolfe
Kappa Delta Pi

April, 2007To Whom It May Concern:The Haberman International Policy Institute in Education (HIPIE) is reaching out to corporate America to form an innovative partnership to meet the following needs:nAll companies need global business environments that are sustainable and secure, with an educated work force;nAll nations in the global village seek further expertise in mathematics and science, theEnglish language, basic literacy for all, while seeking social justice with opportunities to live in peace; the children deserve nothing less.

nDelivering this global education venture is impossible without excellent teachers and school leaders, innovative programs, expertise from all of those inspired to create a better world for children, especially those who live in poverty nationally and internationally.

Corporate support is being sought to create a business/education partnership prototype that can be replicated globally by building skills, growing capacity, and enabling sustainable economies in any indigenous setting.The objective is to exchange technological, technocratic, and educational knowledge for greater understanding of the indigenous people – in all cultures, ideologies, and strengths.This exchange will be launched in the Spring of 2008 with a key stakeholder conference in Houston, TX, home of HIPIE.

HIPIE is the division of the Haberman Educational Foundation,Inc. devoted to extending the mission of improving the educational opportunities for children and youth in poverty to schools and preparatory institutions internationally. To achieve this goal, HIPIE will offer expertise to:

  1. Assist institutions preparing educators to develop policies and procedures for selecting future educators who are committed and capable of serving children and youth in poverty.
  2. Assist government educational agencies at the international, national and local levels in the development of policies and procedures for securing effective educators.
  3. Assist in the planning and conduct of research and evaluation of programs aimed at improving the preparation and performance of teachers and school administrators.
  4. Assist international, national and local school agencies develop the policies and practices for creating the conditions of work in schools that support effective teaching and administration.  

In order to ensure stable economies and competitive markets, all nations must educate their populations and grow leadership capacity.HIPIE is offering international expertise to develop:

·Educational leaders who can work in any situation and succeed against tremendous odds;

·Individuals who can convert what they learn into business results;Global Learning & Development opportunities via learning forums that support corporate needs in the region.

Leaders and officials at HIPIE are eager to have further conversation about this dynamic opportunity for positive public relations via corporate-sponsored expert exchange.Please contact HIPIE at 800-667-6185 to set up a meeting at your convenience.

Programs and Products now available:

Workforce Development Programs for children and youth in poverty

Online Masters Degree for teachers

Teacher and Principal Selection Protocols

Online Pre-screeners for teachers and principal selection

Virtual Classroom Management Series

Development of Alternative Certification Programs

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