The Haberman Educational Foundation Proposes to Train Superintendents to Select Principals, and Principals to Select Teachers Who Will Support a Vision of Social Justice for all.

The Haberman Educational Foundation Proposes to Train Superintendents to Select Principals, and Principals to Select Teachers Who Will Support a Vision of Social Justice for all.

Primary Mission and Purpose Statement:

Selection of the right personnel to staff schools to ensure that each and every student succeeds is the primary mission of The Haberman Educational Foundation.The vision of the Foundation and its purpose is based on the belief that selection of the right people “up front” is even more important than training.Needy children and those not achieving do not have time for teachers to “catch” the right belief system.Selection that is based on one’s beliefs about the craft of teaching and leading accurately predicts how principals will behave in the school and how teachers will behave in the classroom.

It is critical to know whether or not an educator being considered for a position will reach out to each and every child and persist until each child learns.Based on 50 years of research into the art of selecting educators who focus on the best interests of diverse and individual children in each class, two selection interviews are offered.

Teacher Selection

Finding the right teachers cuts down on turnover.When there is a scarcity of teachers to work in the classroom, it is even more crucial to ensure that those chosen are best suited for the children and conditions of work in each organization.The Haberman Star Teacher Selection Interview Training teaches principals the research based questions to ask, andhow to score in order to know if a candidate for a teaching position will succeed with children and endure in the classroom.

Principal Selection

Similarly, selecting the best principal leaders for each school is a craft that needs to be based on research.The Haberman Educational Foundation seeks to train educators nationally and internationally how to identify principals who have the ability to transform a school into a democratic, high-achieving school.These are principals who will support and nurture the “star teachers” described above.


It is the fervent desire of The Haberman Educational Foundation to serve schools, particularly schools where students may be under-resourced and at-risk, with all the training the Haberman Educational Foundation has to offer.Accomplished trainers, President and CEO of The Haberman Educational Foundation, Ms. Delia Stafford, and the Senior Researcher Vicky Dill, Gus Jacob, Bettye Topps, Martin Haberman, and our staff of national trainers are readily available to conduct the training events.

The training would be provided to Superintendents or Heads; Area Superintendents or Assistant Heads and Deans, and other Appropriate School Personnel who are seeking to improve the quality and retention of education nationally andinternationally.Implementation of the training over a period of time will ensure maximum student achievement and improved working conditions so that attracting personnel to educational enterprises and school organizations will be expedited.

Budget Information:

Teacher Selection training is $400 per teacher; a minimum of 40 individuals attend each class
On-line Pre-screener for teachers now available
Principal Selection training is $1000 per area superintendent; 20 individuals attend each class.
On-line Pre-screener for principals now available
Travel to and from the site and per diem is additional for countries outside the US.

Contact Information:

Name: Delia Stafford
President and CEO, Haberman Educational Foundation
Phone: 713-667-6185