Letter of Support for the Haberman International Policy Institute in Education

Barry E. Stern, Ph.D.

Barry E. Stern, Ph.D.
Educational and work force development consultant
Ann Arbor, MI

To prepare educators of the future, we must imagine scenarios that are both desirable and feasible given likely changes in demographics, technologies, social, economic and environmental forces. And for each plausible scenario, the Nation will need educators who are prepared to teach our children and to ensure they come to school eager and ready to learn.

The Haberman International Policy Institute in Education conference on Educators for the World of 2025 and Beyond will provide a timely focus on the kinds of preparation teachers and administrators will need to help young people succeed in these alternative worlds. In so doing, the Foundation can draw on years of experience in formulating policies that have improved the caliber of professionals in our urban schools.

The Foundation’s openness to learning from other countries and making foreign experts part of this conference is another reason to support it. I do so enthusiastically and wish them well in this noble endeavor.