Frank Wang – Letter of Support

Frank Wang, Ph.D. formerly chairman and CEO of Saxon Publishers, Inc., and currently President of

I write to enthusiastically support the mission of the Haberman Foundation and in particular the Haberman International Policy Institute in Education and its goal of developing and cultivating teachers for 2025 and beyond.

I was formerly chairman and CEO of Saxon Publishers, Inc., a major textbook publisher whose humble roots was the dining room table of a retired combat veteran and US Air Force test pilot. Mr. Saxon wrote books whose use produced such remarkable gains in student achievement that its successes were featured on 60 Minutes and the Larry King show.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Haberman Foundation president Delia Stafford in the summer of 2006 when I spoke at the Conference on the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching in Houston. I was deeply flattered that Ms. Delia Stafford came (along with founder Jimmy Kilpatrick) to hear me speak and realized the secret to her success — her willingness to always learn and seek out and test new ideas.

Presently I am starting an entrepreneurial venture, whose mission is to teach advanced math concepts to students of all ages and ability levels. (I am a pure mathematician by training with a PhD in pure math from MIT. I hope that my small contribution will be to help teachers to help their students achieve a level of competence and understanding of mathematics that is beyond even the most ambitious expectations. (For example, I am developing a program to teach the principles of calculus to students as young as 6th grade).

I hope that the work of Haberman Foundation will result in every student having a Star Teacher and a life-transforming educational experience.