Dr. Valerie Hill-Jackson – Letter of Support

Dr. Valerie Hill-Jackson

The Haberman Education Foundation (HEF) has taken the next and necessary step in rallying awareness and responsibility on behalf of diverse and poor youth worldwide by launching the Haberman International Policy Institute in Education (HIPIE).

Nationally, the HEF has broken new ground in education by placing emphasis on the selection and recruitment of quality teachers, principals, and superintendents. They have a simple assumption: radical educational change in high needs school districts will require a new way of recruiting and selecting the leaders in the schools. While most studies seek to “blame the victim”, HEF understands that not every student starts out with the same opportunities in life; children do not choose which household they are born into in America. Until we can figure out the blatant disconnect in funding and learning around the country, we need a new way to rid many school districts of the educational apartheid that inculcates our communities. HEF understands these critical concerns and believes that change must begin at the top; therefore creating a trickle down, revolutionary effect in educational parity. Dr. Haberman’s decades of research and scores of articles and books provide new direction for all those who dare to rethink change in impoverished schools.

Thinking on a larger scale, HEF has created a new international forum and mechanism for activists and educators to extend the mission of HEF. HIPIE is a natural extension of HEF since we can no longer ignore our global connectedness with fellow human beings on other continents. Education in the U.S. is layered with neglect and inequality, but education in many developing countries is not even a basic human right. HIPIE seeks to assist agencies, policymakers, research, and districts from the local to the international level in planning and implementing change with meaning for at-risk youth.

The Barnabas Outreach Foundation, Inc. (BOF) shares in the same vision and functions of HIPIE – educational equality for all. BOF salutes your courage, compassion, and the conviction to provide educational leadership with excellence for those who have no voice. On behalf of diverse youth in poverty, around the world, thank you.

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