Dr. Appu Kuttan – Letter of Support

Appu Kuttan has been an advisor to many national and world leaders, including three US Administrations — Clinton, Bush and Obama, U.S. Congressional leaders

We are happy to see the Haberman Education Foundation going international. Congratulations.

Your rich experience in research, best practices and teacher training in the U.S. towards producing successful teachers and administrators can now be made available to nations across the Globe. That is indeed a noble and worthwhile mission.

As the global non-profit leader in bridging the digital divide by providing affordable high quality digital education to everyone, especially the disadvantaged, we applaud you on your international initiative especially geared to disadvantaged populations.

We look forward to working with you in making a difference in the lives of millions of disadvantaged students and adults everywhere.  Wishing  you the very best,

Dr. Appu Kuttan
National Education Foundation CyberLearning
FORD FOUNDATION Leadership Award Nominee
and the author of the acclaimed book
“From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity”
“providing quality education for all”
“training a million disadvantaged”
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