Bernard Gassaway – Letter of Support

Bernard Gassaway

I find the synopsis and suggested panels very interesting. The conference focus may be a good strategy for introspection by all participants. As a member of the audience, I would be extremely interested in what international educators think works and may be transferable to America and vice versa.

As I read the outline, I began to think about the following questions:

Will the role of schools need to change in order to prepare people to live in the world of 2050? If so, how? What is or will be the overall mission? Does this vary internationally? What are the similarities and differences? What can we learn from them?

Panel 2 — May also want to look at how schools teach as well. Will lecture and “talk and chalk” continue to dominate in poor school districts?

Panel 3 — This made me think about teacher training or lack thereof in colleges and universities. What can we learn from our international colleagues? What will be different about the way teachers and administrators’ training. (panel 5)

I would be interested in the relationship between prisons and school failure. Will prison populations be larger based on failed educational policies?

Panel 5 has an important mission. May also look at how schools are built, designed and managed. Will the role of principals change in 2050?

I would also be interested in the value of failure internationally. In American, ironically some businessed flourish when children fail. Will this continue in 2050?

This draft is very intriguing. I hope my comments are useful. Thanks for sending it to me.

Bernard Gassaway
XenoGass ALG