The Benefits of a Personal Manager when Writing a Dissertation

Home Office, Workstation, Office, Business, NotebookHigh demand for online academic writing services begets high supply. Unfortunately, although there are hundreds of agencies offering assistance of this kind, most of them don’t deserve much attention. Which is why it is so pleasant to stumble upon such an exception as

It boasts of several features that immediately set it apart from the majority of companies working in the industry.

Firstly, it specializes in theses, dissertations and other large assignments (although its writers don’t refuse other types of work), which leaves its imprint on the overall arrangement.

Secondly – and it is one of the most important selling points – when you place an order you are assigned a Personal Manager, a highly experienced individual who serves as your representative with the service. He solves all the problems and issues that arise in the course of work, remains on standby to answer all your potential questions whenever you ask them and leads the project from the beginning to the end.

Thirdly, you can order the so-called Progressive Delivery feature. In exchange for a small increase in price, you get an opportunity to receive the paper and approve it part by part, as the writer works on it. Naturally, you pay for it in the same manner, transferring the payment only for those parts that have already been completed. As a result, you can control the tempo of writing and topics covered in the text – if you notice that the writer moves in the wrong direction, you can quickly rectify the situation.

Fourthly, the thesis you order is going to be a work of a highly proficient writing team comprised not of random people but of individuals with a great deal of experience in your discipline, subject, and topic. Most of them are native English speakers or ESL writers with an extraordinary grasp of the English language and usually the background in their chosen field, which is clearly seen from the kind of writing they provide. prides itself in its stringent hiring and evaluation practices: apparently, potential writers have to pass a rather difficult test before being hired and later rechecked for their proficiency and writing skills at least once a month.

In addition to that, there is everything the better kind of writing services usually have to offer: guarantee there is no plagiarism in the paper you buy (supported by a plagiarism report), flexible refund policy covering a number of situations and ability to communicate with your writer at any moment.

Not that you need it – once your Personal Project Manager is assigned to your order and you’ve imparted your instructions, you can all but forget about your dissertation and problems associated with it. Moreover, practice shows that in most cases manager can keep up without your subsequent intervention, delivering the fully written paper on or even before the deadline.

All in all, is a very pleasant change from what the majority of academic writing services have to offer: with its combination of high-quality writing and an approach that aims at freeing the client from hassle it certainly deserves your attention.