Andrew J. Rotherham – Letter of Support

Andrew J. Rotherham

March 30, 2007

Jimmy Kilpatrick
Editor and Chief
3514 Honey Creek Drive
Sugar Land, Texas 77496-17392

Dear Jimmy:

The recently launched Haberman International Policy Institute in Education will focus an already vibrant research organization in a promising new direction.

For more than a decade the foundation has studied and worked toward solutions that will ensure those children born at risk and in poverty receive a high quality education through good teachers and administrators. That work has been invaluable. The sharing of what the foundation has learned with those in similar situations around the globe is a logical next step. The approach you propose to take, thoughtful comparative work rather than the sort of de-contextualized comparisons that often characterize the debate, is especially valuable.

I look forward to seeing this project develop.


Andrew J. Rotherham
Co-director, Education Sector
Member, Virginia State Board of Education