A Global Education Vision

Delia Stafford, President & CEO Haberman Educational Foundation

The Haberman International Policy Institute in Education is the division of HEF devoted to extending the mission of  improving the educational opportunities for children and youth in poverty to schools and preparatory institutions internationally. To achieve this goal hipie will engage in the following functions.

1. Assist institutions preparing educators to develop policies and procedures for selecting  future educators who are committed and capable of serving children and youth in poverty.
2. Assist government educational agencies at the international, national and local levels  in the development of policies and procedures for securing effective educators.
3. Assist in the planning and conduct of research and evaluation of  programs aimed at improving the preparation and performance of teachers and school administrators.
4. Assist international, national and local school agencies develop the policies and practices for creating the conditions of work in schools that support effective teaching and administration.

Hipie is committed to developing policies and practices  cooperatively with particular countries for implementation in specific cultural contexts and regions