Performance-based pay awarded to 49 city principals.

Eleanor Chute -Principals in Pittsburgh Public Schools are receiving performance-based pay of up to $11,500 each, with the largest amounts going to those leading the fastest-improving schools in the district.

The average amount awarded to 49 principals was about $3,515. The performance-based pay totaled about $172,200.

The top payments of $11,500 each went to the principals of three of the six schools recognized in the STAR — Students and Teachers Achieving Success — program: Patti Camper, Arsenal 6-8, in Lawrenceville; Virginia Hill, Lincoln PreK-5 in Lincoln-Larimer; and David Lott at Oliver Citywide Academy on the North Side.

Principals of the three other STAR schools received payments of $9,000 each: LouAnn Zwieryznski, Faison K-5 in Homewood; Margaret Starkes-Ross, Miller PreK-5 in the Hill District; and Lisa Gallagher, Woolslair PreK-5 in Bloomfield.

The amounts are based on the 2013-14 school year. Some of the principals changed schools this school year. Ms. Zwieryznski now is principal of Westinghouse 6-12 in Homewood, and Mr. Lott heads Pioneer Education Center in Brookline.

Five of the six STAR schools scored in the top 25 percent in the state on the basis of growth in state test scores, including Arsenal and Woolslair which were in the top 15 percent. Oliver, which serves students with special needs, was judged using a different measurement.

Teachers in STAR schools earlier this month received bonuses of up to $6,000, and paraprofessionals and technical-clerical workers represented by the union received bonuses of up to $2,000.

All of the eligible principals received performance-based pay except for Alexander Herring, who was principal of Westinghouse last school year, received an unsatisfactory rating and no longer works for the district.

Principals at Pittsburgh Montessori PreK-5 in Friendship and Perry High School on the North Side were not eligible for performance-based payments due to leaves of absence. Principals of Allderdice High School in Squirrel Hill, Obama 6-12 in East Liberty and Fulton PreK-5 in Highland Park were not included in the principals group because they are now assistant superintendents.

The performance-based pay has two parts: a performance increment of up to $2,000 based on observation and an achievement bonus of up to $10,000 based on the school’s STAR index, which ranks schools on student growth.

The performance increment became part of the paycheck last August and carries over to the following years. The achievement bonus was awarded last week to those working in the district and does not become part of the pay scale.

Principal pay this school year ranges from $104,000 to $129,480, not counting the achievement bonuses.

Two principals received performance pay below $1,000: Alivia Clark, Morrow PreK-8 on the North Side, $768; and Eric Rosenthall, $860, of Greenfield K-8. In both cases, the principals were on leave for part of the year, reducing the amount for which they were eligible.

Of schools that didn’t make STAR status, the top bonus of $7,000 each went to Shana Nelson at King PreK-8 on the North Side and Holly Ballard at Weil PreK-5 in the Hill District.

This was the seventh year of performance-based pay for principals. While a federal grant previously has helped to pay for the awards, this was the second year the money came solely from district funds.

Source: Performance-based pay awarded to 49 city principals. | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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