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Help to Write My Paper

Research paper writing is time-consuming and demands thorough investigation of the study field. Not all high school, college and university students are that enthusiastic about one more writing assignment handed by their teacher. They might have no ideas for the

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The Benefits of a Personal Manager when Writing a Dissertation

High demand for online academic writing services begets high supply. Unfortunately, although there are hundreds of agencies offering assistance of this kind, most of them don’t deserve much attention. Which is why it is so pleasant to stumble upon such

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‘White flight’ parents are missing the big picture

It isn’t racism – middle-class families are deserting schools based on class prejudice. Julie Szego – Last weekend I went out with a friend who, like me and my ilk, is a professional middle-class parent, healthily invested (subtext: is a

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Any detention of migrant children is a violation of their rights and must end

François Crépeau – Children represent around a quarter of all migrants worldwide. While in June 2015, one in ten migrants reaching the Macedonian border from Greece was a child, in October 2015 it was one in three. Without regular status

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Children need three hours exercise a day – Finland

Parents in Finland are told to actively encourage their children to pursue hobbies and interests that require physical exertion for at least three hours a day. Children should spend at least three hours a day performing physical activities, according to

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Why urban myths about education are so persistent – and how to tackle them

As children across England and Wales go back to school, it’s worrying to think that in many classrooms, teachers will be starting the new term believing in teaching “methods” that have been debunked by research evidence. One of the most

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If I Were Starting Out as a Beginning Teacher

Martin Haberman – If I were starting out today as a beginning teacher—knowing what I now know-there are several things I would certainly do to broaden my window of opportunity. First, I would choose to teach in an urban school

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Teachers sought for ground-breaking research into their profession

Jo Earp – Finding credible ways to assess good teaching methods has been difficult but the Australian Council for Educational Research has come up with an innovative project that will test for skills that could be added to a teacher’s

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Marking exam papers exposes the flaws in teaching

It’s saddening to see so many answers left blank and illegible handwriting – what’s going wrong? I cannot help but think teachers are partly to blame A detailed but incorrect answer appears beside every question on an exam sheet. The

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We don’t have time for mental health: teachers

Research suggests teachers do not have the tools or resources readily available to them to address mental health concerns among students. Half of the country’s teachers believe that they have no time to focus on the mental health of students, a nationwide

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