Month: May 2015

We don’t have time for mental health: teachers

Research suggests teachers do not have the tools or resources readily available to them to address mental health concerns among students. Half of the country’s teachers believe that they have no time to focus on the mental health of students, a nationwide

Teachers’ pay: Lib Dems’ David Laws calls for teacher pay rise

Teachers should be valued “through their pay packet”, says Liberal Democrat schools minister David Laws. Mr Laws told the National Association of Head Teachers it was “time to end the period of real pay cuts” for public sector staff. He

Not saving early for college tuition is everyone’s problem. Here’s why

So, your neighbor’s kid just got accepted to Yale, and is worrying about how to pay for it, and you think it’s not your problem. Think again. You haven’t been living under a rock, and you know just how much

Performance-based pay awarded to 49 city principals.

Eleanor Chute -Principals in Pittsburgh Public Schools are receiving performance-based pay of up to $11,500 each, with the largest amounts going to those leading the fastest-improving schools in the district. The average amount awarded to 49 principals was about $3,515.

Share teachers to plug shortage, union chief tells schools

Russell Hobby of National Association of Head Teachers says members should act over crisis before ministers close schools or recruit unqualified teachers Schools must start plugging staff shortages by forming federations and sharing teachers in key subjects such as maths,

Schools feeding and clothing pupils, say heads

By Sean Coughlan – Head teachers are warning that schools are having to act like “mini-welfare states” in having to provide food, spare uniform and even to wash clothes and provide showers for some pupils. The National Association of Head

Teacher barred from the classroom after 49 complaints

Henrietta Cook -A teacher who allegedly let students play knife games, and failed to supervise a student who set fire to a book in class has been barred from teaching. The food technology teacher was also accused of asking a student, “do