Month: June 2014

International schools have their perks but I’m coming home

Despite the great work-life balance and impeccably behaved students in international schools, I miss the challenge and privilege of helping disadvantaged young people After a number of years working in an inner-city academy in London, I was fed up and

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Don’t blame poor children for their poor education

A new report says white working-class children are failing at school, and suggests their attitudes and lack of aspiration are the cause. This sounds like victim blaming to me It’s not just about poverty. The figures prove it. Just 32%

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Secret Teacher: why is getting a new job such a heinous crime?

Just because I have resigned, doesn’t mean I should be isolated from my colleagues and made to feel as though I’ve betrayed the school Dear Boss, I know you have taken me handing in my notice last week quite personally

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Why I became a teacher: to help children from minority backgrounds

I understand what it’s like to be a minority ethnic student in a white-dominated school – and I feel their struggle acutely, says teacher Aveninder Kaur Aveninder Kaur is a supply teacher Warwickshire. She is also branch secretary for the