Month: May 2013

Cable warns overseas students in ‘immigration panic’

The “torrid” debate about immigration is in danger of damaging the economically valuable recruitment of overseas students to the UK, says Business Secretary Vince Cable. Speaking at a Global University Summit in London, Mr Cable warned overseas students had become

Summerhill school: these days surprisingly strict

Summerhill was the original ‘free’ school. Now its head, daughter of founder AS Neill, prefers to call it ‘democratic’, finds Peter Wilby Even in these bewildering times, it can safely be said that Zoe Readhead is the only school principal

Is the DfE trying to rig the teacher-education market?

Trainee teachers: a spot of poaching? Relations between the government and university-based teacher educators have reached a new low amid claims that a Department for Education agency has been attempting to lure would-be students away from the traditional higher education

Secret Teacher: why can’t training days be useful for once?

Inset days that actually lead to better outcomes for the students are rarer than hens’ teeth At the beginning of this term we had an inset day. I had hoped it would be a day when we all sat together