Month: January 2013

PM urged to remove overseas students from migration target

The chairmen of five parliamentary committees have written to David Cameron to urge him to remove overseas student numbers from migration targets. They are asking him to “reconcile” the “tensions” between tougher restrictions and the desire for economic growth. Net

The university professor is always white

Campaigners say universities will appoint more minority ethnic and female academics to the top jobs only when their funding depends on it Eighteen months ago the cause of gender equality in UK universities got a welcome boost. Medical schools seeking

Could the free university movement be the great new hope for education?

As high fees exclude more people from education, alternative and free courses are being set up – and not all of them are online The smell of warm herbs and sound of clattering plates waft in from the next-door room,

Poor children need help with school entrance exams, says study

Some highly selective state schools should do more to help poorer children pass their entrance exams, suggests a government-funded study. Only children whose parents can afford coaching can pass the toughest exams, says the report for the Cabinet Office. Such

Privately-educated pupils ‘better prepared for top universities’

The extent to which private school pupils are being prepared for places at elite universities was laid bare today in new-style league tables showing how they dominate top grades in core academic subjects. For the first time, data shows how

Brightest pupils ‘going backwards’

Almost 110,000 of the brightest schoolchildren finished compulsory education last summer without gaining a string of good GCSEs in core subjects, official league tables show. More than six-in-10 pupils considered the highest achievers at the start of secondary school failed

A cut-out-and-keep guide to school lingo for 2013

by Kevin Donnelly – With schools about to start in a couple of weeks it’s a good time for parents to brush up on education fads and gobbledegook. These blokes wrote the new education phrase-guide… Every profession and job has

Partnering to Tackle the Global Education Crisis

Last year, acting on a promise made in his State of the State address, Governor Andrew Cuomo brought together a group of 25 leaders in education, business, and government to form his own Education Reform Commission. Over the following eight

Unqualified teachers are majority of staff in some schools

Fully qualified teachers are in the minority at a string of English schools, new figures suggest.   Fully qualified teachers are in the minority at a string of English schools, new figures suggest. Five primary and five secondary schools, teaching

Imperial measurements ‘to make comeback’ in schools

Imperial measurements are to make a return to the classroom amid fears that children are failing to learn about pints, pounds and miles, it has emerged. Ministers said that a new curriculum “goes further” than previous documents drawn up under