Month: October 2012

Trainee teachers face tougher English and maths tests

Ministers unveil plans to overhaul tests taken by prospective teachers, saying they want to raise the status of the profession People wanting to become teachers will have to complete English essays and answer questions on maths topics including algebra before

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Muck-up day out, celebrations in as exam agony awaits

HUMORIST Danny Katz’s latest novel is set around year 12 muck-up day. A greased pig wearing a sumo nappy is released in the school yard, girls wearing Britney Spears costumes zip around on scooters, teachers’ cars are flipped sideways and

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Why a man’s place is in the classroom

One in four primary schools has no male teachers. This week, Nathan Kemp was anointed Teacher of the Year at the annual Teaching Awards. He tells Richard Garner why this is the job he’s always dreamed of doing. Nathan Kemp

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Graduation Rates Are Soaring At San Diego Schools: What High Schoolers Should do to Prepare For Their Future

San Diego high school students have many resources that can help prepare them for college. Local educators are making those resources available to all students who want help after high school. San Diego high schools are now helping schools nationwide

Teachers’ unions must look at the big picture

Industrial action ‘short of a strike’ is not going to change things for the better for teachers or students, argues Fiona Millar Two years ago, the schools minister, Lord Hill, wrote a round robin to the heads of schools that

Schools ‘no longer forced to provide staff rooms or canteens’

Schools are being given new powers to cut down on traditional staff rooms, kitchens, canteens and lockers for pupils under a sweeping overhaul of red tape, it has emerged. Ministers are axing more than 30 pages of school building regulations

‘Why couldn’t we start a free school?’

Michael Gove hails them as the way to raise standards. But when Anne Broni and a fellow teacher sought the go-ahead for a ground-breaking project, it seemed their faces didn’t fit Last summer my colleague Kay Johnston and I began