Month: August 2012

Teachers and nurses should be paid more in affluent areas, study suggests

Teachers and nurses should be paid more in affluent areas, a study has indicated, after research showed wages significantly affected students’ exam grades and patients’ recovery rates. Teachers and nurses ought to be paid more if they live in affluent

Todd Rose: Variability Matters

Todd Rose eloquently makes the point that we neglect our greatest sources of strength and capacity for innovation by designing instruction for the average rather than the natural variability of our student population. This presentation would be useful in any

London university anger at overseas student uncertainty

A London university has set up a help-line for anxious international applicants – as doubts hang over its right to recruit overseas students. With only weeks before term, London Metropolitan University does not know whether it will be allowed to

Press Review on Bologna Process Education Reforms

It has been 10 years since the controversial Bologna reforms began transforming higher education in Germany. Opinions differ as to whether its goals have been achieved, but editorialists argue that universities are partly to blame for overcrowded lecture halls and

Schools ‘ held back’ because of teacher failings on data

School improvement is being held back because many teachers lack the confidence and skills to analyse NAPLAN student test data, according to one of Australia’s top education bureaucrats. Dr Michele Bruniges, the NSW director-general of education, also says the concept

Call for school weigh-ins to fight fat

AUSTRALIAN children should be weighed and measured regularly at school to tackle childhood obesity, experts say. Researchers from Deakin University’s World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention said efforts to address the public health epidemic in Australia were being

Standards of fairness

The furore over the marking of GCSE papers this summer replicates a similar controversy 10 years ago. Then, it was the grading of A–levels that caused the Labour government such difficulty. Head teachers complained that exam boards had moved the

Good news for sleepy students: We really do learn while we sleep

We can learn as we sleep, new research suggests. A study found that the body is able to take in new information while it sleeps and unconsciously modify the waking behaviour. Sleep learning experiments are notoriously difficult to conduct, not

The way to help Australian children is to empower schools and classroom teachers, not self-serving academics and bureaucrats

By Kelvin Smythe – The plot and main characters In Australia, in 2008, NAPLAN (National Assessment Programme – Literacy and Numeracy) began in Australian schools. Every year, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are assessed on the

GCSE results 2012: Headteachers demand complete re-mark as schools prepare evidence against unfair grade boundaries

Hundreds of headteachers stepped into the row over GCSE grades yesterday demanding a ‘total re-mark’ of all English papers taken by their students this year. The move comes amid growing optimism within the teaching profession that thousands of pupils will,