Month: July 2012

Child poverty research shows how much kids really do count

In the world of politics, problems like poverty are sometimes described in sweeping, black-and-white terms designed to make solutions seem straightforward and even easy. But in the real world of policymaking, solutions are in fact more complex, involving many facets

The kids are alright: Why High Close is a very special school

The remarkable school gives society’s most vulnerable young people a rare chance to flourish At first glance, Josh is a pretty average 14-year-old. He likes to play on the computer; he argues with his sister, Demi; his sentences have a

‘Free schools? A lousy Tory sham to serve the ruthlessly ambitious middle classes’

The Government’s rejection of a free school that aimed to steer black youths away from gang culture has sparked a furious response from a Cambridge academic. Richard Garner reports A senior Cambridge University admissions tutor today delivers a withering attack

University students demand a ‘real relationship’ with tutors

The NUS says some university teaching is just not rigorous enough, and calls for more seminars As a new generation of undergraduates awaits their A-level results, attention is moving to what they should expect when they arrive at university. Most

Vulnerable children ‘at risk’ in new protection system

Some of England’s most vulnerable children may lose out under planned changes to the child protection system, a new campaign group has argued. The government wants to cut bureaucracy and replace more than 700 pages of guidance with three short

It may be semantics, but linguistics can be a team event

THE highly endangered language of the Menominee Indians of Wisconsin in the US is spoken by only a handful of elderly people. But last year secondary students competing in the International Olympiad in Linguistics were asked to translate I begin

Schools are at the forefront in countering racism and promoting acceptance.

KEVIN Pope sees a big difference between tolerating different nationalities and living in harmony. As the principal of Meadow Heights Primary School in the northern suburbs, he has students from 42 ethnic groups, with many from Middle Eastern backgrounds.  

Manchester uni puts faith in praying booth

The pray-o-mat offers students 300 prayers in 65 languages via a touch screen A praying booth has been installed at Manchester University as part of a three-year research project on multi-faith spaces in the UK and abroad. The “pray-o-mat” –

Large Numbers of Kids Say School Is ‘Too Easy’

Casey Harper – etween 30 and 40 percent of students in every grade level say school is “too easy,” according to a report from the Center for American Progress. The report examined student surveys collected by the National Association for

One in four teachers are unsure how to spend pupil premium

More than a quarter of teachers do not know how to spend the Government’s flagship pupil premium payments, a charity has found. A survey of primary and secondary school teachers showed 28 per cent did not know what the top